Strategic HR

Strategic HR

Our HR management strategies involve a future-oriented process of developing and implementing innovative HR programs that address and solve business problems and ensure that the company is working together collectively to reach its goals.

Our strategies are based on four key questions:

  • Where are we now ?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?
  • How will we know whether the process is working?

Based on these considerations, Peoplepro builds intervention models that put employees on the forefront of corporate success.

  • OD Analysis and Strategic development: Our OD and strategic development module is a science-backed effort focused on improving an organization's capacity by aligning strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics and management processes. Our OD strategy follows a 5-step model that includes Entry, Diagnosis, Feedback, solution and Evaluation.
  • Process improvement strategies: Existing processes often lose their state of the art and become unstable over time. Our experts, with their in-depth domain knowledge and exposure to global industrial practices, assess, overhaul, improve and introduce new processes that best suit your organizational needs.
  • Talent development: Our talent development comprises of a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain the most productive and engaged employees.
Operational HR
Operational HR
  • Job and Salary Banding: Peoplepro helps you in establishing salary bands for particular job roles, so that it enables the company can have a consistent payment system for each of their employees.
  • Compensation Benchmarking: Compensation benchmarking keeps an organization abreast with market dynamics - making market corrections whenever necessary. We combine compensation strategies with performance criteria and help to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Performance and competence development: Performance management helps to root out inefficiencies within the organization, optimize available resources, and monitor progress. Our unique approach helps in evaluating and mapping employee performance, plugging gaps and building competencies for optimum manpower utilization and greater productivity.
  • Creation and deployment of Mission, Vision and Balanced Score Card: Our balanced score card performance metric helps organizations to identify and improve their internal operations to help their external outcomes and drive the organization towards its mission and vision.
  • Psychometric Test and Evaluation: Our psychometric tests are designed in such a way that organizations can select the most suitable candidates with utmost accuracy, thereby reducing recruitment costs and saving time and effort.
  • Talent engagement and Retention Strategies: Talent retention and engagement levels are two key factors that employers often strive to achieve. We help organizations to implement innovative and improved engagement and retention strategies, thereby helping the companies to set a strong foundation for success.
Operational HR
Operational HR
  • HR Policy and HR Manual Development: Our team of experts assist you in creating HR policies and HR manual, and make sure to review them at scheduled intervals, so that you never stay outdated on your policies.
  • Formulating customized HR Policies: Peoplepro understands and becomes familiar with the dynamics, culture and work ethic of an organization by working in close coordination with it. An organization-specific HR policy is subsequently formulated, taking cognizance of its management style, recruitment practices, compensation patterns, etc., as compared to best HR practices.
  • Rewards Management: We help you to formulate various reward management strategies which will keep your employees happy, loyal to the company, and eager to move up the ladder. Rewards, just like public recognition and additional pay, motivates the employees to work harder.

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